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KCUSA Mission      

Our Vision is to be highly regarded as an extraordinary place of learning for our youth in an environment where we will create bright minds and bright futures. We strive to cultivate a supporting learning environment by actively promoting a climate of respect for personal and cultural differences. Classes incorporate key childhood development elements like leadership, team work, confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity, coordination, cultural awareness.

 what are the Basics?

​THE Basics are a collaboration of many different dance styles , Jazz ,  hiphop, line dancing , ballet, and Modern. cheer ,Dance Fuzion basics helps your child  become familiar with our key points * balance, *coordination, and *flexibility , Dance Fuzion Basics gives your child an experience in all dance styles and lets them be the judge of which dance style they would like to purse. This is a great class for children that are just starting out as first time dancers.


 Fuzion Tumbling is about learning the fundamental gymnastics skills in a fun, fast-paced class.  During this age, the young children become gradually more and more aware of their bodies and learn to control their movements.  These classes focus on the accumulation of skills, the social skills necessary to work in a group, and also the ability to string skills together, mentally and physically.  Parents are not out on the floor with their children but watch from our viewing area.  





Children ages 3-12 learn traditional dances from regions throughout Mexico. 


Los niños edad 3-12 aprenden los bailes tradicionales de las regiones diferentes de México. 

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